Providers' Resource Clearinghouse
Meeting community needs with donated goods

Mission of Organization
To support Colorado's community-based organizations and the people they serve with in-kind resources while creating a safe and stable work and training environment for individuals with mental illness within Providers' Resource Clearinghouse.

About Provider's Resource Clearinghouse
Providers’ Resource Clearinghouse (PRC) was opened in 1993 by a group of community leaders from the business, faith and nonprofit sectors who wanted to bridge the gap between struggling human-service providers and businesses seeking to serve the community through in-kind giving. Since that time, Providers’ Resource Clearinghouse (PRC), a 501(c)(3) organization, has refurbished and redistributed more than $100 million dollars worth of goods and supplies to thousands of community based agencies throughout the Denver metro area.

PRC accepts donations from corporations and individuals consisting of new and used office and household furnishings.  PRC then finds new innovative possibilities for the use of  these items by recycling or redistributing them to other nonprofits and those they serve for a small fee.



Sustaining Colorado Non-Profit Organizations, Agencies and Community
Walk into the Providers’ Resource Clearinghouse warehouse located in north Aurora you won’t see children reading or doing art work. You won’t see families recovering from disasters or homeless people in safe furnished housing. You won’t see adults taking classes to better their lives or teenagers involved in after-school programs that teach them the skills they need to avoid trouble.


What you will see at Providers’ Resource Clearinghouse (PRC) is exquisite Home and Office furniture that helps make our community and community agencies viable at the fraction of the cost throughout metropolitan Denver, for tens of thousands of people every day.


 What you will see are vocational staff learning work etiquette, professionalism and employment skills for sustaining successful job placementYou will see and be greeted with a smile  by friendly staff wanting to help you as the customer and that believes in the mission of PRC.


What you will see are adults and youth volunteering there time for the betterment of the 


community and themselves.  They are working side by side with individuals learning social


 skills as well as workplace professionalism.

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