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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do my items go when I donate it?
As the donor you are able to tell us how you would like for your donation to be used or restrict the donation for a specific use. All donations are either used by local non profit agencies or they go into our showroom or Partners' In Sharing voucher program to help needy individuals or families.

Do you sell my donations?
We charge a small fee on some items to help us cover our overhead, but individuals and families referred to us for the Partners' In Sharing voucher program are never charged for any items they receive.

Who can receive goods from PRC?
Nonprofit organizations that are a registered 501(c)(3) organization in good standing.


How can I get free household furniture?
All direct requests for assistance are reviewed internally by PRC Executive Director and our Operations Manager. Call 303-962-2270 to inquire how PRC maybe able to assist you.

Do you deliver?
Yes. PRC offers delivery service for a nominal fee please call 303-962-2270 to get a delivery rate quote.  Our delivery staff will go into your home to pick up donated goods and to delivery purchased items.  We want to alleviate the stress of you having to lift, push or pull any items out of your home.

What items do you accept?
PRC accepts donations of new or gently used household and office furniture. In addition, we accept donations of new office supplies and personal hygiene items. If your donation is below PRC standards we will provide you with alternative solutions for donation. PRC will not accept donations that we are unable to use. Donation receipts are provided for all donations accepted.

What about computers, computer equipment, clothes, appliances and building materials?
At PRC we do our best not to duplicate services already in the community.
However PRC offers a haul-away service for those who may have difficulty getting unwanted items out of their homes for a nominal fee.

Contact the organizations below for donations or services that we do not specialize in.

Computers and computer equipment - Community Computer Connection,

Clothes - Goodwill Industries at 303-650-7700

Appliances and building materials - Bud's Warehouse at 303-296-3990

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